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Russian Magazine “Equipment and tools for professionals” write about us

“In Vimercati always ready to take on the implementation of truly innovative solutions. The main thing – the correct formulation of the problem with the necessary technical requirements. Their role and then what products the customer is going to produce that he intends to get to the exit. And in the subsequent selection of accessories and options for assembly issues never arise. As a result, the client receives the car or in the standard version, or its production is carried out individually oriented to specific requests. “

In the course of 2014 the company EuroBlech Vimercati won the contest Solution for complex problem, being distinguished for its innovation and quality. Success has brought a special project – press brake Vimercati PHSY ton. 30 X 1250 mm, created by order of the famous Italian company, a manufacturer of electrical cabinets. It is possible to get the item in a single setup. New press automatically changes the tool and die and the workpiece position, greatly simplifying the implementation of the whole process. With the establishment of such a system, the customer received a compact high-performance machine that saves energy and money, takes a minimum working space.

Vimercati for the development of this level is not something unusual. The company, founded in 1973, today – a well-known and well-established brand in the world market. The company specializes in the manufacture of hydraulic guillotine shear and vertical bending hydraulic presses, being one of the recognized European manufacturers of equipment for sheet metal work. In the countries of the former Soviet Union, it also has long been firmly established itself as a reliable supplier.

Operational characteristics, functionality and long service life – these are the distinctive features that combines all the equipment produced by the Italian firm.

Lineup vertical hydraulic presses PHSY characterized by high speed and quality of work, reliability. Bend angle precision is not dependent on the grade of the metal. A wide range of models in this series with a force of 300 kN to 6000 kN and a working length of 1250 mm to 6050 mm always gives you the opportunity to pick up the car with optimum performance. When complete press the special tool possible to perform operations such as calibration, conditioning, and so on. D.

The main production concept Vimercati is to use standardized modules in the manufacture of the entire range of products. Here are the embodiment of the most original technical and technological solutions.

The new model is a hybrid design – here Electrician combined with hydraulics. The machine uses a total of 18 liters of oil to the cylinder 2, and it consumes 50% less power, because electric power is used only when the traverse goes down. As a result, not only significantly increased the energy efficiency of equipment, but it was also less noisy in operation.

But even the best solutions are not always the standard range best suited to all customers. Therefore Vimercati always ready to develop the car on an individual project, using its inception all the same types of modules.

Various operating forces and the size of the workpiece, move the upper beam, front calipers and rear supports, guides to perform inclined cuts and tables with ball bearings … The list of options is long. And equipping additional options can significantly extend the capabilities of the equipment compared to the base case.

In its daily production practice Italian company uses only the highest quality components – can not say that in the press brake or guillotines present some elements of “premium”. Vimercati have all the parts it is at this level. Most of them, including the frame and the critical units of the hydraulic system, manufactured by yourself using the most modern technologies and constant quality control at all stages of production. In cooperation Deliveries only individual components and only from leading manufacturers – Siemens electronics and Pilz, hydraulic components Bosch-Rexroth and Bucher, CNC system Cybelec …

The basis for the long life of machines Vimercati is careful control of the production process at all stages and a high level of professional skill. Software with each release becoming more adaptive to understand basic to it laid more than 20 languages ​​- English, German, French, Russian and others. It can be carried out using a fast pre-production workflow by programming based on the geometric parameters of the product. The TNC automatically calculates and sets the stroke crosshead position backgauge optimizes the operating force, you can manage all coordinates of the machine.

The company was founded as a family business and remains so today. Currently, she is totally independent, not using borrowed funds. Production run three older brothers. The youngest Marco is a commercial director.

Vimercati have no concept of “merchantable quality”, they provide real quality. They are so used to working. This is their mentality. In the year the company produces no more than 150-170 cars. There’s no assembly line, all manual assembly.

Of course, there is a commercial line – models that are currently most in demand in the market standard. This can be a very small press, and a machine with a force of 100 tons and a working width of up to 3 meters. The company periodically produces small batches of such products “to the warehouse.” Due to this, it is cheaper thanks to economies of bulk purchase of materials and individual components, as well as reducing the time when the purchase order, the consequent high availability of spare parts

Another feature – the operational safety of the machine. What guillotine, bending press that are very reliable, almost never fail. And if the company acquired Vimercati, it has not parted with him, because this equipment will not fail. It’s hard to even remember the cases to him something once happened serious.

If you take other brands – Chinese, Turkish, even some European – their machines periodically fail. And often at the most inopportune moment, when there is a rush order fulfillment. And if a problem occurs have to wait for the delivery of spare parts or the arrival of a service engineer, and then pay the penalty for failure to perform the work on time. And in case you work with Vimercati always sure that the task completed on time.

And the market b / equipment of these machines, you practically will not meet. That in Russia, in Europe with them if they break up, only for very obvious reasons. Not just get rid of the machines Vimercati, as never lose true friends.


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